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Slab Camp, Greenbriar County

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John Coulter 1754-1814
George b. 1775
Robert b. 1785
John b. 1790
John Moses b. 1795
Hannah b. 1779
Polly b. 1786
Sarah b. 1771
Jane b. 1787
According to information floating around, George is purportedly born in Pennsylvania.
Is this known for sure? Do we have a location? What are the documents available that proves all of this?
Son Robert Coalter b. March 1785 in TN (Tennesse and according to his obit info printed in the Monroe Watchman, he came to Monroe at an early age.). This could mean he was 1, 2, 3.. all the way to 10 years of age. So John and Family leave PA during or after 1775 if George Info correct and would have to move to TN
John Coulter - In Greenbriar Co.
1791 - Because dau. Sarah/Sally marries Robert Snodgrass on Oct. 5. 1791 and Snodgrass is from Greenbriar.
1801 - Because George Age 26 Marries Mary McClure who was born in GBR in 1780.
Thus Robert has come to Virginia by age 6 1/2 at the oldest.
John Coulter -
1. Pre 1775 Landowner? in PA?
2. 1775-1785 - Landowner? Where is he? PA or TN?
3. 1785-1791 - Landowner? Where is he? TN or VA?
4. How has he avoided the 1790 Census? Or have the records been lost, not found, etc? Were they "on the road" during 1790? Or in such a remote area as the censustaker cannot locate them(thats possible)?
5. When did he become Naturalized? Citizen?
John Coulter -
John Moses Coulter would have been born in GBR (1795). All the children married in GBR since they married after 1791.
Most marriages were performed by John Pennell (Pinnell). The ones after 1799 John Pennell was a Methodist Minister, one of the first 2 ministers in this area and arrived as early as 1796. Info from "History of Greenbriar County".
John Coulter -
1787 - There is a John listed in Mercer County.
This may be John & Mary. This info is from a tax list, census typed sheet that I have that does not list all the sources of the information. This county would not have existed, it would have been what county: Greenbriar, OldMonroe, Kentucky County, VA, Washington County, VA? The John Sr. and Jr. from Augusta County are in the 1787/1790 Census of Augusta County.One of their neighbors is John McClure (related to Mary McClure, George's Wife?) did these people own land in different areas?
Robert Coalter - "Says he was born in TN and moved to VA at an early age", which we know is before he was 6 1/2.
Is Robert's Tenn., truly inside the boundary of present day or at the time of his death TN? Or was it the area known by inhabitants as "Little Tennessee".
Little Tenn and The State of Franklin - Mid 1780's
These are names of the same area of SW Virginia and East Tenn.
The State of Franklin was a "mountainous state" It existed for a couple years in mid-1780 (1785-1787). The area that it encompassed is somewhat debated, but a source describes the area as follows:

"Part of Summers and Mercer County WV, A small part of Kentucky, Abt. 1/2 of Tenn including Kingston, Northern tips of Georgia and Alabama and part of North Carolina west of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

When it was referred to as "Little Tenn." that timeframe was longer than the existence of Franklin.

Could Robert be saying that he was born in southern tip of WV And called it TN?
Or was he born down toward Kingston?
1810 Robert Coalter (Age 25) - Purchases land from James Alexander in the City of Lewisburg.
1814 Robert Coalter Appointed justice of county court of monroe by the governor. How long did he serve.
1844 Robert Coalter Appointed sheriff of Monroe Co. The deputies actually did the work (William Haynes, Benjamin F. Steele, Addison Dunlap, Alexander Dunlap).
When Did Robert know James Alexander? The monroe voters of the presidential election of 1800 was held in the area by James Alexander, Alexander Stuart and Jon Bynside; Robert was only 15 at this time. John does not show to have voted. Maybe he had not moved to Monroe at this time? but lived outside the city area and they had to be in the area by 1791 because of Sarah's wedding.
Census of 1820
Household of Robert Coalter and Mary A. Erskine: Taken by William Handley
Males Under Age 10 (2)
Males 10 and Under 16 (1)
Males of 26 and Under 45 (1)
Females Under Age 10 (3)
Females of 26 and Under 45 (1)
What is Wrong With This Census??
Males Under Age 10 (2) = James and John
Males 10 and Under 16 (1) = WHO???
Males of 26 and Under 45 (1) = Robert
Females Under Age 10 (3) = Agnes, Mary, Jana
Females of 26 and Under 45 (1) = Mary

James Madison is born 1yr, 1month after their marriage.
Mary is about 21, being 20 when they married.
Did Robert and Mary have an illegitimate child?
Did Robert's first wife have a child? Did she die in childbirth?
Only abt. 3 years pass between Robert's first marriage and his second.
Only 1-2 years pass between M.Elliot/Ellis death and his marriage to Mary
What does the Census of 1830 say of this mystery child that would be aged 20-26, although could have moved out by then
Travel By Residents of the VA Valley. There was a lot of Travel from Augusta County to Kingsport. The "Great Valley Road". Travel, Trade routes that lead all the way back to Philadelphia. Did the John's of Augusta go there, are they the ones listed in fighting indians, etc. Involved with the "Transylvania Purchase" of 1774. A local notable present is a John Coulter.He ends up with land next to the Christian's in the fork of the Holsten River. Who is this John? Where did he come from? It shows he was there with land in 1777. The Christians and their descendants also had residences near Staunton. Colonel John Coulter, General Joseph Martin and Colonel Gilbert Christian had adjoining land on Holsten.
Miscellaneous Facts: The Erskines

Henry Erskine M. Jean Thompson: Came to Monroe From Cecil County, MD
Son. Michael Erskine M. Margaret Handley Paulee (related to Handley Who Did Census?)
Michael's Dau. - Mary A. Polly Erskine who Married Robert Coalter.
Where did the Erskine's originally come from? when did they arrive in VA and America?
Ship Arrivals:
Sept 14, 1751, Arrival at Philadelphia, Ship: Duke of Bedford a group of German Pioneers that showed as 9 catholics and 120 calvinists is "Johann Adam Kolter"
Just like the Johann Martin Kolter who arrived Sept. 26, 1749 in Philadelphia. went to North Carolina and Changed His Name to Martin Coulter, could this guy have changed his name to "John Coulter" and been the FATHER of John of Greenbriar.? That would be a twist to the historical thought of the family. It's doubtful but an interesting question. Where did this guy go in PA first?
This is the first possible parent of GBR John that I can find. Some other Coulter men that are born before 1730 are already down in the VA Valley; and if George was really born in PA, they could not be direct ancestors.
Did Calvinists move more toward Presbyterian or Methodist. A case could be made for either. If George was not really born in PA but some city/county area down in VA, TN then the John of Holsten river could be an ancestor.
Travel nd Migration Patterns:
Many families traveled in clusters, groups of many families
What groups traveled with John?
Did The Coulters of Augusta Leave relatives behind in PA.. brothers? When did they arrive in America, where (probably philadelphia).
We need to research ship arrivals and their passengers.
From Lancaster PA to Augusta Co:
A lot of the early migration to Augusta came from Lancaster.
Some Families:
John Campbell - Settled in Lancaster PA in 1726, Moved to Augusta 1733
Gilbert Christian - Settled in Lancaster PA (Ulster District) in 1726, Moved to Valley of VA in 1732. Children Born 1734 Augusta.
Archibald Stewart - to PA from Ireland in 1727. Augusta in 1738. Married Janet Brown the Dau. of Rev. John Brown of the Browns of Rockbridge. Children of John and Mary get married to Browns in 1806/1809.
Joseph Bell - From Lancaster PA to Augusta in 1740.

Some prominent families, they know some branches of the Coulter families. What are the connections?